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I believe in the existence of a close relationship between man and the city where he lives, a connection which deeply affects his cultural choices, and which represents a fundamental of his being. I owe my gratitude to many cities: first of all, Florence, where I was born and have spent most of my intellectual life, then Jerusalem, where I have learnt ways of knowing and understanding different than those I had been previously used to; furthermore, in chronological order, Paris, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, where on the basis of my native culture, I experienced new places and extended my cultural range. Last but not least Lecce, where I work, put into practice and constantly adjust the achievements of my research to the Italian and international academic world.

Fabrizio Lelli is Associate Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature at the University of  Salento (Lecce, Italy). His research focuses mainly on the philosophical and mystical literature of late Medieval and Early Modern Italian Jewish authors and on the intellectual relations between Jewish and Christian scholars in the Italian Renaissance. He has published extensively on the cultural relations between  Southern Italian Jewish communities and the Balkans. He is currently collecting written and oral testimonies of Jewish refugees in DP camps operated by the United Nations in post-WWII Southern Italy. 


2011 - "Primo Levi" Fellowship (University of Pennsylvania, The Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, Spring Term).

2007 - Inaugural Viterbi Visiting Professorship in Italian Jewish Studies (University of California, Los Angeles – UCLA, Spring Quarter).

2006 - Associate Professor in "Hebrew Language and Literature" at the University of Lecce (now University of Salento).

2001-2006 - Assistant Professor (University of Lecce, 2001-2006) in “Hebrew Language and Literature”. At the same time I taught Modern and Contemporary Hebrew Literature at the University of Florence (Second Semester).

1999 - Post-Doctoral Fellowship (University of Pennsylvania, Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, Fall Term).

1994-1996 - Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Universities of Turin – Venice). In these and the following years I spent long periods researching at the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem.

1994- Courses of Biblical Hebrew and Post-Biblical Hebrew literature at the Istituto Superiore di Scienze Religiose "Beato Ippolito Galantini", Florence (Second Semester).

1990/91 - One-Year Study Abroad Program (Hebrew University of  Jerusalem).

1988-1992 - Ph.D. Program and Degree in Hebrew (Universities of Turin – Venice).

1987 - Laurea (M.A.) in Semitic Philology (University of Florence).

1981-1987 - Studies in Semitic Languages, Latin and Greek Philology, History and Art (University of Florence).

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